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Dumfries & Galloway | Gretna | Church / wedding venue | ★★

[Anvil Hall]

It's certainly striking, though whether it's beautiful might be open to some debate. Gretna's Anvil Hall is one of dozens of wedding venues scattered around attractive Gretna Green and (less attractive) Gretna. The building dates from 1917 but was converted from a Catholic church into a non-denominational wedding venue in 2003. Access arrangements seem a bit random: we got a guided tour on our first visit, but were thwarted by a late opening time on our last.

[Anvil Hall interior (5/4/13)]

Location & info

📌 Anvil Hall ★★
Victory Avenue, 5-min walk north of Gretna village centre, G.R.: NY 318675 ///daydreams.starting.airtime
Officially open only by appointment but probably most days (outside services) | Free

[Anvil Hall]


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