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[Brow Well]

The waters of the Solway Firth were once a magnet for health tourists. On the edge of the mud flats near the village of Ruthwell is Brow Well, a chalybeate (iron-rich) spring once believed to cure various ailments when combined with bathing in the Firth. Robert Burns is among those who drank the water here to combat failing health. The fact he died days after suggests the trip wasn't particularly successful, and to be honest it doesn't look too appetising nowadays either.

[Inside the well, with the writing around the edge missing (15/6/15)]

Location & info

📌 Brow Well
B725 1 mi east of Ruthwell, G.R.: NY 086675 ///rephrase.beaters.alive
Always open | Free

[Burn flowing past the well]


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