[Dunbar High Street]

Dunbar is an attractive and important settlement on the east coast road and rail routes. Its location halfway between Edinburgh and the English border has made it a target over the centuries for marauding armies, alternating between English and Scottish depending on who held the local castle at the time. The castle's now a stumpy ruin, further demolished by the picturesque harbour complex adjacent to the castle walls. The town has fared better in the long term, with a handsome main street, a couple of museums, interesting local coastline and an overabundance of flowers in the public toilets. Considering it's one of the largest towns for miles around, there's a surprisingly small selection of shops and eateries, though if cafes are your thing then it's your lucky day.

[Town House Museum]

📌 Dunbar ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NT 679791 ///gardens.ocean.licks

[Victoria Harbour]

Within walking distance

>> Dunbar Castle ☆☆☆

📌 John Muir's Birthplace Museum ★★☆☆
Description: Small but smart museum detailing the life of John Muir, born in the town and the founder of the National Parks movement.
Location: High Street, town centre, G.R.: NT 679790 ///shorter.september.backpack
Open (2019): Daily, April to September; Wednesday to Sunday, October to March
Cost: Free

📌 Town House Museum ☆☆☆☆
Description: Historic building containing a very small local history exhibition; council chamber and jail cell to view by guided tour upstairs - unavailable on our visit.
Location: High Street, town centre, G.R.: NT 679789 ///info.dispenser.desks
Open (2019): Every afternoon, April to September; weekend afternoons, October to March
Cost: Free

>> Walk: Dunbar's coastal playground ★★☆☆

[John Muir's Birthplace Museum]


>> Belhaven Bay ★★☆☆ (1 mile away)

[Belhaven Bay]


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