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Macduff's Castle is one of Scotland's more obscure ruins, named after the family who originally owned the land here. Set on cliffs above the wonderful Wemyss Caves and overlooking the Firth of Forth, it's easily reached by a short walk along the coast path from East Wemyss village. The castle was built by the Wemyss family in the 14th century following the burning of an earlier construction, and had two towers joined by a gatehouse range. Only the southwest tower has survived the wrath of the local council, who (apparently) demolished other parts of the property after somebody fell from it.

[View from the west]

Location & info

📌 Macduff's Castle
10-min walk northeast of East Wemyss village centre, G.R.: NT 344971 ///feasted.official.cracks
Always open | Free

💬 Park on the seafront at G.R.: NT 342969 ///audit.catch.overlooks. From here it's a 10-min walk to the castle on a good path with steps, passing the entrances to some of the Wemyss Caves.

[Rock pool life below the castle]


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