Castle Stalker viewpoint

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[Castle Stalker seen from the hillside viewpoint]

Castle Stalker has one of the most romantic settings of any Scottish tower house, cut adrift from everyday life on a tiny tidal island in Loch Laich. It's possible to visit the 15th century castle - which featured as Castle Aargh! in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - via boat from Portnacroish, but a cheaper option is to view it from the mainland, which we describe here. The hillside viewpoint is easily accessed from the A828 at Portnacroish; alternatively, cross the Jubilee Footbridge from the other side of the estuary for a closer view.

[View from the Jubilee Bridge walk (16/10/16)]

Location & info

📌 Castle Stalker viewpoint ★★★
The hillside viewpoint for the castle is off the A828 at Castle Stalker View café, just north of Portnacroish, G.R.: NM 925477 ///shell darling bloom
Viewpoint is always open | Viewpoint is free

💬 Details above refer to the hillside view - we haven't been to the island or inside the castle. From the café, it's a 2-min walk to the viewpoint along a clear path with a gentle gradient.

>> Walk: Castle Argh! via Jubilee Bridge ★★★

[The castle occupies a tidal island in the middle of Loch Laich]


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