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[Glasgow Police Museum]

The Glasgow Police Museum is a worthwhile and little-known attraction in which to spend half an hour or so on a rainy day in Glasgow. Scotland's largest city is home to the UK's oldest police force, founded in 1779 and then again (more successfully) in 1788. Expect text-rich information boards, police uniforms from all around the world and plenty of old truncheons. Surprisingly busy on our visit: perhaps the museum's still living off the reputation bought by its "28th Best Museum in the UK, 2010" award - we don't rate it quite as highly. At least improvements have been made to the website - which used to be a crime in itself.

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Location & info

📌 The Glasgow Police Museum ★★
30 Bell Street, 5-min walk southeast of Glasgow city centre, G.R.: NS 596650 ///sleep.hits.number
Open daily, April to October; Tuesday & Sunday, November to March | Free

[Glasgow Police Museum]


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