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Set among other widely spaced mansions in the upper echelons of Helensburgh, Hill House is Charles Rennie Mackintosh's finest domestic creation. The architect and his wife designed almost every outside aspect (and most of the interior) of this striking building in 1902, after being approached by wealthy Glasgow publisher Walter Blackie, who needed a new home. Unfortunately west coast weather has been trying its hardest to damage the place. The answer? A controversial "box" structure has, since 2019, been constructed around the house; this keeps out the elements but obviously obstructs views (the photos on this page show the house before these works started). If you've visited any of Mackintosh's other masterpieces you'll immediately recognise his clean, geometric designs all over the property. The ugly grey colour (though it looks better in the sun, as above) of the exterior was apparently specifically requested by Blackie... well, the customer's always right.

[Drawing Room]

Location & info

📌 Hill House ★★★
Upper Colquhon Street, 20-min walk north of Helensburgh town centre, G.R.: NS 300838 ///defaults.work.rainbow
Open daily except over Christmas & New Year period | £12.50 adult / £5.50 child / free for National Trust for Scotland members

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