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Occasional views of Lochgoilhead from the summits of the surrounding Arrochar Alps aren't promising: a spread of caravan parks and hotels seemingly ruining an otherwise beautiful sea loch. The reality is better: a tiny village with its tourist accommodation mostly a respectful distance away, taking little away from the stunning situation at the head of Loch Goil, itself an arm of the much larger Loch Long. And that's about it - there's almost nothing to do here apart from take in the scenery. Carrick Castle (exterior views only) is worth a quick trip, 5 miles away down a dead-end road to the south. Despite being just 30 miles from the centre of Glasgow as the crow flies, Lochgoilhead is as remote a location as many elsewhere in the Highlands. Steamer services have long ceased, so the only access is by a choice of two winding, single-track mountain passes - no doubt hairy in winter.

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📌 Lochgoilhead
Argyll & Bute, G.R.: NN 200013 ///shipyards.miles.pounce

🚌 Lochgoilhead would be quite an intrepid destination for public transport users, but infrequent buses do call from nearby towns.

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