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[Abercorn Museum]

Well, what can we say... Pokémon GO takes you to the most unexpected places. We might have been hoping to come across a Pikachu rather than Pictish cross shafts, but this tiny collection of ancient stones (including a Viking hogback similar to those in Govan) was an interesting diversion nonetheless. The museum building (perhaps "shed" is a more accurate term) is just within the grounds of Abercorn Church. This has a particularly lovely arch with finely carved gargoyles above the main door, but the interior was locked on our visit.

[Archway above the entrance to Abercorn Church]

📌 Abercorn Museum
Off minor road by Abercorn Church, G.R.: NT 081790 ///knees.silk.sinkhole
Always open (just slide back the bolt) | Free

[Abercorn Church]


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