Aldouran Glen

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[Aldouran Glen]

Scottish woodland doesn't get much more lush than at Aldouran Glen: a shady oasis of semi-natural forest where wild garlic flourishes, red squirrels (apparently) scamper between tree trunks, and sun rarely penetrates through the canopy above. The narrow strip of greenery following the Aldouran Burn from west to east is the most rewarding part, and can be accessed either from a car park at the upper end or (as we did) via Aldouran Wetland Garden to the east. The Woodland Trust also advertise an iron age hill fort on high groud to the north, but this isn't worth the effort required to reach it: overgrown, tick-infested paths and thick vegetation obscuring any views.

[The boardwalk and stairs climbing up towards the ancient hill fort look promising, but you'll only be disappointed...]

Location & info

📌 Aldouran Glen ★★
The upper, western car park is off the B7043 1 mi west of Leswalt, G.R.: NX 006635 ///flamenco.waddle.wasp
Always open | Free

💬 Paths within the glen are clear but narrow and a little muddy. It's just under a mile's walk between the west and east car parks (each way).

[Aldouran Glen]


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