Aldouran Wetland Garden

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[Aldouran Wetland Garden]

Aldouran Wetland Garden is a hidden gem in the quiet northern half of the Rhins of Galloway, largely undiscovered by tourists (until now?). The garden was created by a community effort in or around 2005 and is a real labour of love, especially when you take into account the small size of the village. The site splits into several separate zones, including a sensory garden, large ponds and a sculpture trail. At its western edge, wetland gradually morphs into a wilder woodland zone, and finally into Aldouran Glen, separately managed by the Woodland Trust. This is well worth a visit in itself, or you could easily combine the two - the paths join up.

[Aldouran Wetland Garden]

Location & info

📌 Aldouran Wetland Garden ★★
Off the B7043, 5-min walk west of Leswalt village centre, G.R.: NX 016638 ///rebounds.grace.ratio
Always open | Free

[Aldouran Wetland Garden]

[Sculpture trail]


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