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[Barsalloch Fort]

Like nearby Rispain Camp, Barsalloch Fort is believed to be an iron age farmstead, inhabited by the Novantae tribe and moated to defend against outsiders. Compare the two farmsteads and Barsalloch is smaller than its counterpart, with the broad ditch enclosing a roughly semicircular area measuring about 40 metres at its widest point. The views for visitors are much better than at Rispain Camp, however: a wonderful vista over Luce Bay, with the Isle of Man on the horizon.

[Defensive ditch]

Location & info

📌 Barsalloch Fort
By the A747 1 mi west of Monreith, G.R.: NX 347412 ///likes.grief.reach
Always open | Free

[Sea views]

[Access to the fort from the car park is up a long flight of steps]


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