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Dumfries & Galloway | Castle Kennedy | Garden | ★★★★

[Castle Kennedy Gardens]

Gardens can be special for a number of reasons. Some are notable for their rare plant species; others are memorable for their sheer size, or for their intimate beauty. Others have some unusual, unexpected feature providing a unique centrepiece. But Castle Kennedy is special for having all of these qualities, making this one of the country's most wonderful gardens and a must-see attraction if you're visiting the far southwestern corner of Scotland in late spring or summer. The ivy-clad ruin of Castle Kennedy itself forms the natural focus for 75 acres of landscaped grounds, backed by a large, walled garden on the sunny south side. To the north, immaculate lawns slope down to the Round Pond, full of Victorian water lilies, with the Baronial grandeur of Lochinch Castle a little further on. Elsewhere, there are dozens of tree-lined avenues (including 21 "champion trees" - the tallest or broadest of their type either in the country or the county), landform sculptures, 9 designated viewpoints and 4 waymarked walks. The gardens are almost completely encircled by two lochs, with wildlife hides for water birds, otters and red squirrels.

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📌 Castle Kennedy Gardens ★★★★
Location: Off A75 at Castle Kennedy, G.R.: NX 111609 ///twinkled bleat hike
Open (2019): Daily, April to October; weekends, February to March (probably best late spring / summer)
Cost (2019): £5.50 (adults), £2 (children), discount for booking online

[Walled Garden]

[Castle Kennedy]

[The White Loch]

[Round Pond]

[Walled Garden]

[Lochinch Castle]

[Walled Garden]

[The Black Loch]


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