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[Chapel Finian]

Chapel Finian is the westernmost of a whole host of slightly obscure historical sites dotted around the Machars and cared for by Historic Scotland. Like St Ninian's Chapel at Isle of Whithorn, it probably used to serve pilgrims coming ashore here on their way to Whithorn Priory, where Christianity was first established in Scotland. You have to wonder why they landed here though - 12 long miles away. Surely it would've been easier to make landfall closer to Whithorn itself? A millennium after it was built in the 900s or 1000s AD, little remains above about knee level; basically all you can make out is the shape of the building and neighbouring well. But it's right next to a main road and therefore easily added to an itinerary.

[Chapel Finian]

Location & info

📌 Chapel Finian
By the A747 5 mi northwest of Port William, G.R.: NX 278489 ///loose.gloves.ripen
Always open | Free

[Chapel Finian]


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