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[Cove Harbour]

Cars, crowds, modern technology... these are all things you're unlikely to find at Cove Harbour, one of the most charming, secret spots on Scotland's southeast coast. Cove has been a haven for fisherman since the 17th century, first as a natural harbour and then with stone-built improvements, and is still in use today by a couple of small vessels. There's not much to do here and that's half the charm of the place; instead, it's the perfect location from which to just sit and admire the coastal scenery, listen to the waves lap at the breakwaters, or watch the boats bob on the tide. Access to the south side of the harbour (with a sandy beach at low water) is through a long tunnel through the headland. Side chambers in the depths of the passage used to store the day's fresh catch as well as smuggled contraband, though they're now blocked off.

[Cove beach at high tide]

Location & info

📌 Cove Harbour ★★★
Off minor road a 10-min walk east of Cove village, G.R.: NT 785717 ///seaside.cemented.styled
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NT 780717 ///invents.eggs.contained it's a 10-min walk to the harbour on a gently descending track, with a fork leading through the tunnel to the beach midway.

[A long tunnel dug in the 1700s cuts through the headland to access the beach & southern breakwater]

[Cove Harbour from the tunnel exit]

[Rock stacks seen from the harbour]

[View from the access track]


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