Druchtag Motte

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[Druchtag Motte]

A prominent mound looms over the country lane heading north from Mochrum village. The shape is unmistakable: it can only be a defensive motte left over from the period pre-dating stone castles. Druchtag Motte has been dated to the 12th or 13th century, and probably housed a timber castle on its summit. Though aided by a rope, the way up onto the motte is alarmingly steep, with the ascent surely quite a feat if the grass is wet. At least the defences are clearly still doing their job!

[The climb up onto the motte - much steeper than it looks!]

Location & info

📌 Druchtag Motte
By minor road immediately north of Mochrum, G.R.: NX 349467 ///flick.actual.fairy
Always open | Free

💬 Parking by the entrance is tight, so it might be best to park in Mochrum village just to the south.

[View over Mochrum from the top]

[Druchtag Motte]


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