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[Dunglass Collegiate Church]

Dunglass Collegiate Church was established by the Home family in the 1440s, employing priests to pray for the family and ensure their safe passage to heaven. Unlike many similar old buildings, Dunglass has kept its roof, helping to save a number of ornate carvings inside which survived the Reformation. The church stopped being used for religious purposes in the 18th century when it was crudely converted into a barn - this done by unceremoniously bashing a hole in the east end to act as a larger doorway! In a recent upturn in fortunes though, the current estate owners now appear to be using the chapel as an occasional wedding venue, with pews ready for use in a large marquee next door.

[Inside the church]

Location & info

📌 Dunglass Collegiate Church ★★
Off minor road 1 mi north of Cockburnspath, G.R.: NT 767719 ///slowly.pythons.melons
Open daily | Free

[The large hole in the wall dates from a barn conversion in the 18th century!]

[Knights Templar crosses adorn the walls]


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