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[Galdenoch Castle]

The unloved ruin of Galdenoch Castle is found on the northern arm of the Rhins of Galloway peninsula, a few miles west of the village of Leswalt. This L-plan tower house dates to 1547, as evidenced by a plaque on the eastern side, and still nearly stands to its original height. Now here's the catch: the last part of the drive to it is along an excruciatingly sharp, stony track with a worryingly high camber. Worth it? Just about, though if you end up with a puncture you might disagree.

[South side and tower corbelling]

Location & info

📌 Galdenoch Castle
End of the track to Meikle Galdenoch, off the B738 3 mi west of Leswalt, G.R.: NW 974632 ///playing.parsnips.dividing
Always open (exterior only) | Free

💬 The last half mile to the castle is along a rough track with sharp stones and quite a high camber - not recommended for vehicles with low ground clearance.

[West wall]


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