Glasgow Science Centre

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[Glasgow Science Centre & Tower]

Glasgow has no shortage of excellent indoor attractions. But how many are big enough to hold your attention for an entire day? As long as you're interested in science, Glasgow Science Centre is large enough to spend several hours in - we were there from open til close. This huge, titanium and glass-clad cavern is at the heart of Glasgow's Digital Media Quarter on the up-and-coming Clyde Waterfront; the attraction is multi-faceted, including three interactive floors of themed zones, large planetarium, IMAX cinema and 417-foot Glasgow Tower. You definitely don't have to be a child to have fun here, though with some of the zones it helps a little if you're young at heart! We imagine it must get quite busy in the holidays, but we pretty much had the place to ourselves on a June weekday after a couple of early school groups had left. As for the tower: it's the world's only structure capable of rotating into the prevailing wind and gives superb views of city and country from the top. Ironically wind is also the tower's thorn in the side, and it closes whenever wind gusts exceed 25 mph at the top, which is quite often.

["Body Works" zone]

Location & info

📌 Glasgow Science Centre ★★★★
50 Pacific Quay, 2 mi west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 565652 ///
🚌 Pacific Drive | 🚇 Cessnock (0.5 mi) | 🚆 Exhibition Centre (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Car park (charge) - some free street parking nearby
Science Centre open daily, late March to early November; Wednesday to Sunday, early November to late March. Glasgow Tower: late March to late October only (2019) | £10.45 adult / £8.60 child for Science Centre. Small surcharges for tower, planetarium & IMAX cinema (separate tickets also available)

[Glasgow Tower]

[View towards Glasgow city centre from the top of the tower]

[View to the west down the River Clyde]

[The entire tower is supported by a ball-bearing 65 cm in diameter]

[Space zone & planetarium]

["Powering the Future" zone]

[IMAX cinema (left), tower & science mall (right)]


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