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Glenluce Abbey occupies a peaceful spot near the banks of the Water of Luce, a few miles upstream from where it meets the sea at Luce Bay. Like many of Scotland's ruined abbeys it was established by monks from the Cistercian order in the 12th century, and was once an extensive site including a central cloister, chapter house, kitchens, living quarters and further outbuildings, and of course the church itself. Then came the Reformation, with gradual decline following. As you can see from the header photo, the abbey today is very much a ruin, but a characterful one with plenty to see. The chapter house is partly restored and still has its roof, while the layout of the main church can clearly be made out despite only surviving in small parts. There's also a little museum and numerous ruined outbuildings - though details are sketchy on their exact original purposes.


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📌 Glenluce Abbey ★★★
By minor road 1 mi northwest of Glenluce, G.R.: NX 185587 ///
Open Sunday to Tuesday (& restricted access on other days), April to September | £4.80 adult / free for children & Historic Scotland members. This is a reduced price during conservation works, restricting access at time of update in April 2020

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