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[Glenwhan Gardens]

Several excellent gardens jostle for attention in the fertile Galloway lowlands. Alongside big names such as Logan Botanic Garden and Castle Kennedy Gardens, this 12-acre, hilltop alternative is easy to miss. In actual fact it would measure up more than favourably in any beauty contest. Paths spider away from a large, central pond bisected by a long bridge, with flower beds close to the water's edge and woodland behind. There's also a beautiful Water Garden, a couple of rocky knolls acting as natural viewpoints for Luce Bay 100 metres below, a rock garden and even a peacock or two strutting around Glenwhan House. Unaided by a beautifully drawn but totally inaccurate map, you could easily pass a couple of hours or more trying (not always successfully) to find each area listed in the key; it's a much bigger place than at first appears.

[Glenwhan Gardens]

Location & info

📌 Glenwhan Gardens ★★★★
At minor road end 1 mi north of Dunragit, G.R.: NX 152585 ///asked.scoop.eternity
Open daily (probably best in late spring / summer) | £6 adult / £4.50 child

[Thinking Rock viewpoint... probably]

[Water Garden]

[Looking through the arch to the Wild Boar Statue]

[One of many areas not shown on the map!]

[Water lily]

[Peace Pinnacle]

[Moorland loch - longer, moorland walks start from here]


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