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[Old St Andrew's Church (Kirk Ports)]

The similar names of North Berwick's ruined churches make describing them a bit confusing, but we'll try. Near the harbour and Scottish Seabird Centre are the foundations of 12th century St Andrew's Old Kirk, which once served pilgrims on their way to St Andrews, Fife. Most of the church was swept away by storm waves in 1656, with only the porch (now housing excavated stonework) still relatively unscathed. A few minutes away at Kirk Ports you can see the replacement church, which we've called Old St Andrew's Church. This has fared better and features a largely complete west tower, though the rest of the church is roofless. The church at Kirk Ports was supplanted in the 1880s by one on the High Street, called... you guessed it: St Andrew's Church.

[Interior of Old St Andrew's Church]

Location & info

📌 Old St Andrew's Church (North Berwick)
Kirk Ports, North Berwick town centre, G.R.: NT 553852 ///belief.noon.snowy
🚆🚌 Train / bus to North Berwick | 🚗 Car park on St Andrew Street
Always open | Free

📌 St Andrew's Old Kirk (North Berwick)
Victoria Road, 5-min walk north of North Berwick town centre, G.R.: NT 554856 ///nerve.adopt.belief
🚆🚌 Train / bus to North Berwick | 🚗 Street parking
Always open | Free

[St Andrew's Old Kirk (Victoria Road)]


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