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[Rispain Camp]

Rispain Camp is a set of prominent earthworks forming an almost perfect rectangle on a low hill not far from Whithorn and its famous priory. Its original purpose has been subject to a lot of debate over the years. Once believed to be a Roman Fort, archaeologists' opinion shifted to the idea of a medieval site before settling on the current theory: an even older, iron age farmstead inhabited by the Novantae tribe between about 100 and 200 BC. The inner space measures 70 metres by 50 and once included at least three roundhouses; these were all enclosed by a ditch originally 6 metres high, except for an entrance causeway on the north side (which you approach from today) which used to feature a timber gate.

[Rispain Camp]

Location & info

📌 Rispain Camp
By minor road end 1 mi east of Whithorn, G.R.: NX 429399 ///cadet.skirt.brave
Always open | Free

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