St Ninian's Chapel

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[St Ninian's Chapel]

The name of St Ninian appears everywhere on the Machars peninsula. St Ninian's Cave, St Ninian's Well, St Ninian's Bridge... it'd be reasonable to suggest past locals have milked the reputation of Scotland's first saint a little. But by the sea on the Isle of Whithorn is St Ninian's Chapel, possibly where St Ninian first landed on Scottish soil before founding nearby Whithorn Priory, bringing Christianity to Scotland for the first time. It's more likely, though, that the chapel was simply sited where pilgrims came ashore on their journeys to Whithorn over the following centuries. Truth be told, the building itself isn't much, built around 1300 and missing its roof. It gains an extra star in our ratings thanks to the gorgeous setting overlooking both village and coastline. Wander over to the headland's high point for the best views.

[Inside the chapel]

Location & info

📌 St Ninian's Chapel ★★
Immediately south of Isle of Whithorn village, G.R.: NX 480362 ///flames.doses.friends
Always open | Free

💬 Park at the village's southern car park at G.R.: NX 477362 ///riot.bottom.cork. From here it's a few minutes' walk on mostly grassy paths to the chapel (left) and headland (right), both just visible from the car park.

[View over Stinking Port (!) from the chapel]

[St Ninian's Chapel (centre right) & Isle of Whithorn village seen from the headland]


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