Aros Castle

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[Aros Castle]

Aros Castle was built in the 13th century as one of a chain of castles defending the north side of the Isle of Mull. While popular Duart Castle (another link in the chain) remains intact, only fragments of Aros Castle survive. One great section of wall and bits and pieces of a few outbuildings are all that are left, surrounded by intimidating bracken in summer which stops you getting too close to the crumbling brickwork. The track to the left of the site descends muddily to the shoreline; turning right here reveals that the castle stands on a rocky headland, with the main wall looking more impressive from this side. Turn around and there are even better views across the Sound of Mull.

[View across the Aros River (photo from a week earlier)]

Location & info

📌 Aros Castle ★★
Minor road end 2 mi north of Salen, Mull, G.R.: NM 563450 ///overcomes.tiger.inefficient
Always open | Free

[View from the shoreline]

[Looking north along the coast]

[Across the bay to Mull's southern hills]

[Castle and outbuilding (18/7/17)]


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