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[Benmore Botanic Garden]

Benmore Botanic Garden is the mountain outpost of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, set on sloping ground above the River Eachaig in Argyll. Though a little rough around the edges, this is a fascinating place and a huge one - fortunately a map is provided. The garden specialises in trees and rhododendrons, extending 120 acres across the strath and up the south facing slopes of A' Chruach. The hilly, northwest half of the garden is creatively laid out into several areas each representing a different part of the world - Japanese Valley, Tasmanian Ridge, Bhutanese Glade and Chilean Rainforest Glade to name a few - each incorporating native flora and architecturally striking shelters. Zones are mostly laid out in vertical strips; this allows great views but means a lot of ascent and descent is required to explore each one. Formal gardens, ponds, aboretums and a red squirrel hide cover most of the flatter part, while rhododendrons are all over: visit in May or June to catch these at their colourful best.

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Location & info

📌 Benmore Botanic Garden ★★★★
By the A815 4 mi north of Sandbank, G.R.: NS 143856 ///absorb.vine.dairy
Open daily, March to October (probably best in May / early June) | £7 adult / free for children

[Benmore Botanic Gardens]

[Benmore Botanic Garden]



[Benmore Botanic Garden]

[Formal Garden]

[Benmore Courtyard]

[Deer loose in the garden!]

[Chilean Viewpoint Refuge]

[Chilean Rainforest Glade]

[Chilean Rainforest Glade]

[Chilean Condor Shelter]

[Tasmanian Ridge & Fernery]


[Golden Gates]


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