Duart Castle

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[Duart Castle]

Duart Castle is well seen from the Sound of Mull and an instantly recognisable sight from the Oban to Craignure ferry; look towards the castle with binoculars and you'll spot the cannons still seemingly warding off seaborne marauders. This 13th century stronghold is the seat of Clan MacLean, heavily rebuilt and restored in the early 1900s from an abandoned ruin. A good number of rooms are open to the public (and yay, photos are permitted!), with highlights including a grand dining hall and fine bedrooms. On a clear day, there are excellent views from the top of the keep; on a rainy day the castle serves an important function as one of Mull's few indoor attractions outside Tobermory.

[View from the Oban to Craignure ferry (18/7/17)]

Location & info

📌 Duart Castle ★★★
At minor road end 4 mi southeast of Craignure, Mull, G.R.: NM 749353 ///perfected.prefer.bleak
Open daily, April to mid October | £8 adult / £4 child

[Great Hall]


[Exterior view]



[Great Hall]

[Sea Room]


[Clan & castle exhibition]

[View from the top of the keep]


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