Falls of Falloch

Stirling | Inverarnan | Waterfall | ★★★

[Falls of Falloch]

The Falls of Falloch are a powerful sight on the River Falloch north of Loch Lomond, conveniently situated right next to the A82 as you drive through the National Park. 5 minutes' walk takes you to the 30-foot plunge, best seen after heavy rain or snowmelt. The West Highland Way also passes by on the opposite bank, giving walkers a chance to see where all that rain falling on them is going.

[View downstream from the falls]

Location & info

📌 Falls of Falloch ★★★
Off the A82 2 mi north of Inverarnan, G.R.: NN 337208 ///goals.enlighten.depths

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NN 334207 ///absent.farm.bother it's a 5-min walk upstream to the waterfall. There's choice of two paths which can be combined to make a short loop; the upper path is wide and clear, but the lower, riverside path is rougher and wetter.

["Woven Sound" bridge and art installation at the upper viewpoint]

[Middle viewpoint]

[Lower viewpoint]

[Falls of Falloch in winter (20/12/14)]


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