Kilmodan Stones

[Kilmodan Stones]

The Kilmodan Stones are found inside the churchyard of St Modan's Church in Clachan of Glendaruel, a remote valley settlement miles from anywhere of significant size and reached by a choice of wide, sweeping and scenic roads. Ten carved grave slabs are on display, incorporating intricate lacing, human figures, deer and even a couple of unicorns. All but one of the stones date from late-medieval times, with the other one commemorating a 17th century minister of the church. St Modan's is itself worth looking inside - probably always open to passers-by.

[St Modan's Church]

📌 Kilmodan Sculptured Stones ☆☆☆
Location: By St Modan's Church, Clachan of Glendaruel, G.R.: NR 995841 ///punchy.softly.digested
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Kilmodan Stones]

[Kilmodan Stones]


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