Kylesku Bridge

Highland | Kylesku | Bridge | ★★

[Kylesku Bridge from the north end]

"One of the world's most beautiful bridges"... "an amazing work of art"... many people wax lyrical about the Kylesku Bridge, which opened to traffic in 1984 replacing a car ferry across the Caolas Cumhann. In our opinion it's not quite that special, but it provides a crucial link to the road network - and to the North Coast 500 driving route - along Scotland's northwest coast. Given the hype we thought we'd better take some photos. There are car parks at each end, with the northern one probably providing the best vantage point. Fortunately Kylesku's appeal extends further than its bridge; there are worthwhile boat trips to see the UK's highest waterfall (which also take in the bridge from below), and the Kylesku Hotel has an excellent seafood menu.

[View from below - seen from a trip with Kylesku Boat Tours]

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📌 Kylesku Bridge ★★
A894 just north of Kylesku, G.R.: NC 227338 ///grief.meant.between
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[View towards Quinag from the north end of the bridge]

[On the bridge]

[Passing underneath on the boat]

[View from near the south end]

[View from below]


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