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[Lochbuie Stone Circle]

You know those places that look tempting on the map, but they're so difficult to get to that you wonder whether it's worth the effort? Well, Lochbuie Stone Circle is one of them - but it's absolutely worth the journey. 8 miles on a twisting, single-track road from the nearest A-road (which is itself single track), a small sign shows where to park just before a bridge. White stones then show the way across a treacherously muddy field - wooden pallets and planks help cross the bogs, but there aren't quite enough of them so decent boots are recommended. As usual, little is known about the circle beyond what you can see: 9 stones up to two metres high, with a few other standing stones scattered around the immediate area which you'll probably spot from the path. Standing in the middle of a monument thousands of years old is always an atmospheric experience though, enhanced here by the stunning setting beneath Ben Buie and (probably) complete silence on a calm day. Keep a look out for the fallow deer which graze the local fields; the drive to get here is also great for spotting wildlife. If you've made it this far, you should also go the extra mile - literally - to the road end on the shore of Loch Buie itself: a few houses, war memorial and happy sheep, oblivious to their cousins being sold in various bits and pieces in the honesty shop a few feet away.

[Fallow deer live in the fields around the stone circle]

Location & info

📌 Lochbuie Stone Circle ★★
Off minor road half a mile northeast of Lochbuie, Mull, G.R.: NM 618251 ///visits.learn.blogs
Always open | Free

💬 From the small car park at G.R.: NM 615256 ///suiting.safety.sofa it's a 10-min walk to the stones. Head through the signposted gate and follow the white stones through fields (boggy especially at first).

[Standing stone]

[The path to the stone circle is signposted from the roadside]

[Mud, and plenty of it, on the path to the stones]

[Grazing deer]

[Grazing deer]

[Ben Buie]

[Lochbuie road end, a little further down the road]

[Grey heron fishing at Loch Spelve, from the road to Loch Buie]


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