St Conan's Kirk

[St Conan's Kirk]

As the A85 twists and turns along the north bank of Loch Awe, drivers pass through the scattered village of Lochawe itself. With no real centre and few places to park, most people carry on through without stopping. But keep an eye out on the south side of the road and you should be rewarded with a glimpse of a truly impressive church. Tranquil St Conan's Kirk is unexpectedly huge and ornate for its setting in such a small and isolated settlement. The scale is a tribute to the vision of its builders, the wealthy Campbell family, who lived on the nearby island of Innis Chonain and built Kilchurn Castle. Actual church services here are rare but the building's interior and gardens are usually open; visitors (and their donations!) are therefore vital to ensure its survival.


📌 St Conan's Kirk ★☆☆
Location: A85, Lochawe village (laybys either side of the church), G.R.: NN 116267 ///dove.birthing.elections
Open (2019): Daily
Cost: Free



[View over Loch Awe from the garden]



[View from the altar]

[Roadside war memorial next to the church]


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