Walk: Eas Fors - triple-tier treat

Mull | Ballygown | Short walk | ★★★

[Eas Fors upper fall]

The Isle of Mull has countless waterfalls, but many involve a long walk to reach them. The triple-decker Eas Fors waterfall (Waterfall waterfall waterfall in Gaelic, Norse and English!) is conveniently situated right next to the coast road around Loch Tuath (though it still involves a fair drive on single track roads to get there). When swollen from heavy rain, all three parts of the fall are impressive, but the best of the bunch is the lower, 100-foot drop, almost directly into the sea below. With extreme care you can peer over the edge from the top, but a better (and safer) alternative is to take the mile-long hike (each way) to see the torrent from below.

[Lower fall from below]

📌 Walk: Eas Fors - triple-tier treat ★★★
Start / finish at layby on B8073 1 mi southeast of Ballygown, Mull, G.R.: NM 446423 ///blaze.credit.roadways

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 60 m | ⌚ Short | Moderate
Features: Eas Fors upper, middle & lower falls
Terrain: Grassy paths to waterfall viewpoints near road - extreme care needed to view lower fall from here (sheer drop). Minor road then track and grassy path to Camas an Lagain, then awkward boulder beach to lower viewpoint. Last section along the beach is (just) submerged at high tide.

Route & map

Layby - detour west to upper, middle & lower falls (lower falls from above only) - return to layby - track junction at G.R.: NM 452418 ///without.copycat.studs - Camas an Lagain - lower falls from below - return by outward route

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track

On our visit

Wildlife: Not much.
Weather: A heavy shower, occasional blue sky, light winds.

Also on this walk

📌 Eas Fors ★★★★
The middle fall is off the B8073 a mile southeast of Ballygown, Mull, G.R.: NM 445423 ///nicer.puns.freshest
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Anything else? If not doing the walk, you can still see all 3 waterfalls (lower falls from above only). Park as for the walk, then walk 100 m west along the road to the bridge over the burn. The upper fall is just above the bridge, with the middle fall and lower falls below the bridge.

Chronological photo guide

[Eas Fors upper fall]

[Middle fall]

[Lower fall from above, near the start]

[Rapids just above the lower fall]

[Reaching the lower viewpoint involves traversing a rough boulder beach - tidal, and slippery when wet]

[Camas an Lagain]

[Lower fall from below]


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