Walk: Privy to a stunning sunset at Leitir Easaidh

Highland | Assynt | Short walk | ★★★

[Quinag seen from Lochan Leitir Easaidh]

This wheelchair-friendly loop just to the north of Loch Assynt gives easy immersion in Assynt's amazing landscape without fear of deep bogs or steep gradients. In fact the only bogs you'll stumble across are the two separate toilet blocks - surely excessive for such a short walk? But why are we talking about the facilities? Well, we think they must be just about the most beautifully sited toilets in Scotland, if not the world. With tranquil lochans in the foreground and the fine western wall of Quinag in the background, views are exceptional, and not just from the lavatory. Come here at sunset on a fine day for a poo with a view the very best light, when it deserves 5 stars. (P.S. the toilets were actually a bit smelly inside...)

[If this can't win "Loo of the Year Awards", nothing can]

📌 Walk: Privy to a stunning sunset at Leitir Easaidh ★★★
Start / finish at car park on A837 as it rounds Loch Assynt, 5 mi east of Lochinver, G.R.: NC 173262 ///purple.recitals.hikes

▶ 3 km / 2 mi | ▲ 30 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: Loch Leitir Easaidh; Loch na h-Innse Fraoich
Terrain: Almost level, wide paths, just a little steeper at the far end.

Route & map

Car park - Loch Leitir Easaidh / first toilet - Loch na h-Innse Fraoich / second toilet - clockwise loop (taking in viewpoint) from here - return by outward route. Various short detours throughout are well worth taking.

Route credit: Culag Community Woodland Trust
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On our visit

Wildlife: Small birds, including a confused chick right in the middle of the path. Lots of slugs, and midges starting to come out as the sun set.
Weather: Sunny; 13°C at 9 pm.

Chronological photo guide

[Both lochs have jetties (the boats can be hired) and shelters as well as toilets]

[If this can't win "Loo of the Year Awards", nothing can]

[Paths are excellent throughout]

[East end of Loch an h-Innse Fraoich]

[Quinag seen from Lochan Leitir Easaidh]

[Sunset over Loch na h-Innse Fraoich]

[Sunset over Suilven from the western viewpoint]

[A confused local resident]

[That view again...]


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