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[Bellahouson Heritage Centre]

An array of old stables enclosing a small courtyard in Bellahouston Park provides the attractive setting for Bellahouston Heritage Centre. Though small, it contains a surprisingly detailed history of the local area and nearby Govan. In 1938 the British Empire Exhibition was held in the park. Photos and videos reveal the sheer scale of the event: scarcely believable considering that almost nothing remains today. The story of neighbouring Govan is equally interesting. This major shipbuilding town once powered Glasgow's economy; following the industry's decline, much of the Clyde Waterfront is now part of a massive regeneration project. The heritage centre is run by the adjacent House for an Art Lover and is included in the house ticket.


Location & info

📌 Bellahouston Heritage Centre ★★
Bellahouston Park, Bellahouston, 3 mi west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 553640 ///shuts.boom.awake
Open Tuesday to Sunday | £1 (or included in entrance fee for House for an Art Lover)

[Govan shipbuilding]

[Crossing the Clyde]

[1938 Empire Exhibition]


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