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The government probably wasn't intending to build Scotland's ugliest settlement when they built Cumbernauld as a New Town in 1955, but that does seem to be what's happened. On one level it seems to have thrived: despite being only decades old, the town is already North Lanarkshire's largest. But from a visitor's perspective it's hideous: seemingly endless acres of dual carriageways, car parks and claustrophobic shopping centres. And there's a conundrum: what to display in the town museum? There are a few information boards setting out the groundbreaking "vision" of Cumbernauld, lots of aerial photographs and a little about the area's history before concrete covered it. But the suspiciously empty feel of the museum gives the game away: there's not much history to Cumbernauld New Town yet, even if a few people would quite like Cumbernauld New Town to be history...

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Location & info

📌 Cumbernauld Museum
Cumbernauld Library, Allander Walk, Cumbernauld town centre, G.R.: NS 759744 ///cuts.tight.flops
Open Monday to Saturday | Free

💬 Park in one of the central car parks and walk through the huge shopping mall.

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