Dalveen Pass (A702)

Dumfries & Galloway / South Lanarkshire | Durisdeer | Road pass | ★★★

[Heading north towards the summit of Dalveen Pass, the hill of Cold Moss behind]

The scenery of the Southern Uplands is seriously underrated. Too many visitors from across the English border zoom by on the M74 bound for Scotland's cities or the Highlands. Except that leaves the roads fabulously quiet for the rest of us. The Dalveen Pass threads its way south from the motorway through the southern part of the Lowther Hills, first following the broad Lanarkshire glen of a baby River Clyde, before clinging to the edge of the Carron Valley in a long but gradual descent to Durisdeer and Carronbridge in Dumfriesshire. Parts of the route used to be a Roman Road but you'd never guess, thanks to all the bends stopping you admiring the fine surrounding hillsides. It's probably best driven (and definitely cycled) in a southbound direction: 9 miles with hardly any need to touch the accelerator on the downhill side. The narrower, higher Mennock Pass provides an alternative scenic route a few miles to the north.

[Heading north into the pass below Dalveen Rig]

Location & info

📌 Dalveen Pass (A702) ★★★
A702 between Elvanfoot and Carronbridge. Summit is at G.R.: NS 926085 ///across.roving.broadens. North end is at Elvanfoot, G.R.: NS 953171 ///lowest.latter.stylists. South end is at Carronbridge, G.R.: NX 870979 ///commit.nets.actor
🚌 Infrequent buses cross the pass on the Edinburgh-Dumfries route | 🚗 Surfaced A-road, suitable for most vehicles

▶ 24 km / 15 mi | ▲ 280 m
Always open, except after exceptional snowfall | Free

[Start of the pass, northbound (30/4/17)]

[Passing Capel Cleuch (northbound) (30/4/17)]

[Capel Cleuch (30/4/17)]

[Descending on the Lanarkshire side (northbound)]

[Ascending the pass (southbound)]

[Summit of the pass (southbound)]

[Descending by Dalveen Linn (southbound)]

[Alongside Dalveen Linn (southbound)]

[Emerging at the foot of the pass (southbound)]


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