Leadhills & Wanlockhead Railway

South Lanarkshire | Leadhills | Heritage railway | ★★★

[Leadhills & Wanlockhead Railway]

High in the Lowther Hills alongside the remote Mennock Pass is the UK's highest adhesion railway, shuttling tourists along a re-opened stretch of track between Leadhills and Wanlockhead. Except at the moment the rails run out at Glengonnar Halt, half a mile short of Wanlockhead - work started in August 2017 to plug the remaining gap. A round trip currently takes 25 minutes, with good views from the open carriages over rolling moorland pockmarked with the legacy of mining activity. Tickets are valid all day so you can hop off at the end, walk the remaining distance to Wanlockhead, perhaps visit the extensive Museum of Lead Mining, and return on a later train: recommended. The railway is staffed by friendly volunteers who were eager to show us around the operational signal box, engine shed and small museum.

[On the train just outside Leadhills]

Location & info

📌 Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway ★★★
Leadhills Station (north terminus) is on the south side of Leadhills, G.R.: NS 886145 ///grumbling.pint.hurricane. Glengonnar Halt (south terminus) is 0.5 mi northeast of Wanlockhead, G.R. NS 881134 ///spout.famed.renovated
🚆 Bus to Leadhills | 🚗 Car park at Leadhills Station
Generally open weekends, Easter to September; some additional dates (see official website) (2019) | £5 adult / £2.50 child for day ticket (2019)

[Glengonnar Halt: end of the line - for now]

[Leadhills Station]

[View along the line from Leadhills Station]

[Heading south up the pass]

[Remains of Glengonnar Mine, seen from the train]

[Glengonnar Mine]

[Glengonnar Halt / Hillend Summit]

[Short-eared owl at Glengonnar Halt]

[View from Glengonnar Halt]

[Signal box]

[Engine shed]


[Back at the start]


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