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[Morton Castle]

Morton Castle is a rather average ruin redeemed by a rather beautiful setting, reached by narrow roads from Upper Nithsdale. Built anywhere between 1260 and the 1400s by an unknown family - records are unclear - the castle came into the ownership of the Douglas family in the 1500s before being abandoned in 1714. The site is defensive as well as being scenic, with wide views across Morton Loch and the slopes of the Lowther Hills. But the walls are now just a shell, enclosing grass where the first floor great hall once stood above storage cellars.

[Lochside setting]

Location & info

📌 Morton Castle ★★
Off minor road 2 mi northeast of Carronbridge, G.R.: NX 891992 ///tasks.blizzard.steaming
Closed for conservation works at time of update in January 2021 | Free

💬 From the parking area at G.R.: NX 889991 ///aimless.beep.trample it's a 5-min walk to the castle, on a grassy track along Morton Loch.

[Castle interior]

[West tower]

[View from the north side of the castle]

[Morton Loch]


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