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[Sanquhar Castle]

Sanquhar Castle was built by the Crichton family in the 13th century. Once a grand residence, its significance began to unravel after it passed into the hands of the 1st Duke of Queensberry, whose family later abandoned it in favour of a newly-built Drumlanrig Castle - comparing the two, it's not hard to see why! Despite later restoration attempts, this time by the Crichtons again, today's ruin is a bit of a mess. In recent years a tall fence has been erected around the buildings, with all but the deep defensive ditches on the naughty side of the barrier. That's a shame, because it's hard to make sense of the castle layout from a distance, and the interior looks quite interesting from photos on the web.

[Sanquhar Castle]

Location & info

📌 Sanquhar Castle
Off Forsyth Avenue, half a mile southeast of Sanquhar village centre, G.R.: NS 785092 ///stops.skid.knitted
Always open (exterior only from a distance) | Free

💬 The castle is a 2-min walk from street parking on Forsyth Avenue along informal, grassy paths.

[Sanquhar Castle from beyond its defensive ditch]

[Sanquhar Castle]

[Close-up view]

[Defensive ditch]

[Outskirts of Sanquhar]


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