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[Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum]

Sanquhar's eye-catching, 18th century tolbooth dominates the west end of its High Street. Its upper floor has been converted into a small but interesting museum documenting the story of the town and the surrounding region of Upper Nithsdale. The area has benefited over the centuries from a diverse range of industries including knitting, weaving and coal mining, but the displays give the impression that Sanquhar has often struggled financially. The tolbooth also housed the town jail in a former life, and some of the old cells have been recreated on the ground floor. The town centre only merits a whistle-stop tour but you should seek out the tiny Sanquhar Post Office. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the world's oldest post office, having been in continuous operation since 1712.

[Museum displays]

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📌 Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum ★★
High Street, Sanquhar town centre, G.R.: NS 781099 ///spot.carting.nicer
Open Tuesday to Sunday, April to September | Free

[Sanquhar Post Office]

[Knitting display in the museum]

[Recreated prison cell]


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