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[Shotts Heritage Centre]

This small museum is housed in Shotts town library. It's probably fair to say that the slightly scruffy displays (someone in the past used duct tape where they shouldn't have) about the region's industrial heritage don't feature on the shortlists of many visitors to Scotland, but it might be worth a (small) detour if you're in the area. Or if you're writing a blog about exploring Scotland. Iron, steel and coal once underpinned the area's economy, though all three industries are long since gone apart from the scars they've left on the landscape. Oh, and if you notice an almost unbearable stench in the air around the building? That's the animal feed factory just up the road.

[Shotts Heritage Centre]

Location & info

📌 Shotts Heritage Centre
Benhar Road, 10-min walk east of Shotts village centre, G.R.: NS 879599 ///neatly.rushed.deluded
🚆🚌 Train / bus to Shotts | 🚗 Car park
Open Monday to Saturday | Free

[Shotts Heritage Centre]

[Shotts Heritage Centre]


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