[Common Green, Strathaven]

Drive south from Glasgow and Strathaven (pronounced "STRAY-ven") is one of the first attractive towns you'll reach after escaping the city suburbs. This historic market town retains a bustling feel and plenty of character, enhanced by narrow streets, a few independent shops and the Powmillon Burn flowing through the centre. Common Green - presumably the original market place - provides a natural focus for the settlement, while Strathaven Castle overlooks the south side. The nearby Spectacle E'e Falls are impressive after heavy rainfall, reached by a pleasant riverside amble which we feature separately (link below).

[Strathaven East Church]

📌 Strathaven ★★☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NS 702445 ///

[Strathaven Castle]

Within walking distance

>> Strathaven Castle ★☆☆☆☆
>> Walk: Strathaven stravaig to Spectacle E'e Falls ★★★☆☆

[Spectacle E'e Falls]

[Leaving Strathaven on the walk to Spectacle E'e Falls]


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