Walk: Strathaven stravaig to Spectacle E'e Falls

South Lanarkshire | Strathaven | Half day walk | ★★★

[Spectacle E'e Falls]

The ruins of an old mill stand close to a waterfall on the Kype Water just northwest of Sandford village (no relation to the setting for Hot Fuzz, but just as peaceful). Once upon a time, a local lad fell for the miller's daughter here. The miller disapproved of the romance and forbade the relationship. As revenge, the young male lover threw his eyeglass into the mill's thatch, which soon caught fire. The sorry tale destroyed the mill and christened the waterfalls - Spectacle E'e (Eye) falls - which are impressive in spate. Starting in the historic market town of Strathaven has the disadvantage of a longish road walk to end the route but also the chance to visit the town's castle ruin - and the possibility of finding refreshment at the start or finish.

[Path along the Avon Water]

📌 Walk: Strathaven & Spectacle E'e 
▶ 5 km / 3 miles | ▲ 120 metres
Features: Strathaven; Strathaven Castle; Spectacle E'e mill and falls
Start / finish: Car park at Common Green, Strathaven town centre, G.R.: NS 702445 ///wasps.unite.plotting

Route: Car park & Strathaven - Strathaven Castle - path from back of castle emerges back on A71 - B7086 to G.R.: NS 708438 - bridge over Avon Water - Spectacle E'e mill and falls - Sandford - track to G.R.: NS 703431 - B7086 to start
Terrain: Paths are faint across farmland to Avon Water, then clear but slippery and rough in places. Road section has a pavement.
Wildlife today: Butterflies, starlings, swallows; dipper at the falls. Cows and sheep in adjacent fields.
Weather today: 15°C, sunshine (despite forecast showers).

>> Strathaven ★★
>> Strathaven Castle

[All say "ahhhhh!"]

Route map

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)

More photos

[Strathaven town centre]

[Strathaven Castle]

[Powmillon Burn at Strathaven]

[Leaving Strathaven]

[A signpost marks where to leave the main road]

[Bridge over the Avon Water]

[Avon Water]

[Path along the Kype Water]

[Remains of Spectacle E'e Mill]

[Kype Water just below Spectacle E'e Falls]

[Dipper at the falls]

[Path beyond the waterfall]

[Upper fall]


[Kype Water at Sandford]


[Rural views from the track out of Sandford]

[Road return - at least there's a pavement]


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