Beveridge Park

[Beveridge Park]

With a history stretching back well into Victorian times, Beveridge Park (probably not pronounced like beverage, but it's funnier like that) is Kirkcaldy's largest and most beautiful green space. A large lake forms a natural focus, on which you can hire boats during the summer months. Parts of the lower reaches of the park have been given over to attractive gardens, wildlife zones, unusually imaginative playground and fitness equipment, and even a miniature railway. To the southeast, the land rises slowly up to the summit of a low hill. Visit in summer to catch the numerous flower displays at their best.

[Boating lake]

📌 Beveridge Park ★★★☆☆
Location: Off B9157 / Abbotshall Road, a mile southwest of Kirkcaldy town centre, G.R.: NT 271910 ///knots.winter.sings
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Fountain garden]

[Rose garden]

[Boating lake]

[Fountain garden]

[Bog garden]

[Main Gate Lodge]


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