Burntisland Beach

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[Burntisland Beach]

Well seen from the railway line along Scotland's east coast, Burntisland Beach is technically the largest beach in southern Fife, stretching a couple of miles from end to end and a mile outwards into the Firth of Forth at low tide. A narrow top strip provides sandcastle-building territory, but the beach quickly transitions through fine shells to waterlogged mud and sand if you head further away from the shore. Care should be taken not to venture out too far before an incoming tide, which advances very quickly across the flat expanse - also beware quicksand.

[View out to sea]

Location & info

📌 Burntisland Beach ★★
Off Kinghorn Road (A921), 5-min walk east of Burntisland town centre, G.R.: NT 239861 ///chips.punchy.everybody

[Close-up view of the beach]

[Looking along the beach]

[Lots of crabs in the tidal pools]


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