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Kirkcaldy Galleries can be found close to Kirkcaldy railway station, a mercifully short walk from the centre of what is often known as Scotland's "lang toun". The building doesn't look particularly striking from the outside (this seems to be a recurring theme for Fife tourist attractions), but indoors, the gallery and museum prove to be as well-presented as Fife's second largest settlement deserves. The town's collection of Scottish art is well regarded; this is housed upstairs in a series of rooms where the air conditioning is turned up way too high, with the Glasgow Boys well represented alongside ever-changing seasonal exhibitions. On the ground floor, adjacent to the town library, smart panels document Kirkcaldy's industrial timeline, though slightly confusingly in non-chronological order. Strangely, the toilets are a bit of an attraction too, dating to 1925. A sign helpfully informs users that the toilet seats have since been cleaned.


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📌 Kirkcaldy Galleries ★★★
War Memorial Gardens, 10-min walk west of Kirkcaldy town centre, G.R.: NT 276917 ///cared.alive.jaws
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