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[Museum of Communication]

Burntisland is generally known as an old-fashioned seaside resort, but it has another card up its sleeve. The squat building housing the Museum of Communication stands opposite the roundabout marking the middle of the town's high street, smaller than the surrounding premises and easily missed unless you're specifically looking for it. They really need to work on their signage - ironic really. The museum is surprisingly large on the inside, with a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions - not always relating strictly to communication. The 1910s, 1960s and wartime communication were in the spotlight on our visit, with some interesting information about life in the trenches and code breaking. Entry is free, and what the museum might lack in flashy displays it more than makes up for in friendly volunteers. Good for a rainy day perhaps?

[Recreated wartime trench]

Location & info

📌 Museum of Communication ★★
High Street, Burntisland town centre, G.R.: NT 233859 ///furnish.dweller.riverbank
Open Wednesday & Saturday, May to September | Free

[Main room]

[Entrance display]


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