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In the Kirkcaldian suburb of Pathhead, Ravenscraig Castle is an unexpectedly substantial clifftop ruin, hidden by modern housing developments on the landward side but open to the elements on the seaward edge. The castle was built by James II in the 1450s for his wife, Queen Mary of Gueldres, but both died before it was completed. James III soon passed the unfinished property to the Sinclair family, with their rough Highland connections showing through in the starkly defensive walls: 3.5 metres thick in some places. It's a shame you can't explore any higher than ground level - indeed, we think the site should be a prime candidate for renovation by Historic Environment Scotland - but there are reasonable views of the upper parts (and of Kirkcaldy) from the cliff edge. The castle doocot is also viewable, reached by following the coast path to the east.


Location & info

📌 Ravenscraig Castle ★★
Off Dysart Road (A955), Pathhead, 1 mi northeast of Kirkcaldy town centre, G.R.: NT 291925 ///riches.watch.comb
Always open (no access above ground level) | Free

💬 Park in Ravenscraig Park at G.R.: NT 293927 ///reason.zips.paths. From here, it's an easy 5-min walk west along the clifftop to reach the castle. To get to the doocot, a rough path descends to the shoreline from underneath the castle drawbridge, crossing a sandy beach before ascending steps to the doocot (10-min walk in total). There's also a more direct path from Ravenscraig Park.

[View from below]

[View from the landward side]


[Beach on the route to the doocot]

[Ravenscraig Castle from the beach beyond the doocot]

[Sea views from the castle]

[Castle ruins]


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