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Walk: The Bishop of Loch Leven

Perth & Kinross | Lomond Hills | Half day walk | ★★★ [Looking down on Kinnesswood and Loch Leven from the descent] Bishop Hill is the least lauded, third sibling of the Lomond Hills family, rising sharply above Loch Leven . The hill's rather flat on top, but from the edge of the plateau there's an outstanding panorama of the lake and the hills cradling it: Benarty Hill , the Cleish Hills and the Ochils. You could approach from the east, involving little ascent and little visual interest. Or sacrifice soles for scenery and struggle up the hill's steep southern scarp slopes from Scotlandwell, giving far better views and lots more alliteration. You can guess which one we recommend here - but you might need to brush up on your navigation skills for the descent route. An excellent circuit, standing up well when compared to the ascents of its more illustrious neighbours: West and East Lomond . [Excellent views south from the ascent to Munduff Hill] Location &am

Hailes Castle

East Lothian | East Linton | Castle | ★★★ [Hailes Castle] Hailes Castle can be found in the quiet valley of the Scottish River Tyne, reached by a network of narrow roads from East Linton and the A1. The oldest part - the central tower house - dates to the early 1200s, making it one of Scotland's oldest stone castles. Several extensions followed over the following centuries, but the castle fell into ruin after being seriously damaged by Oliver Cromwell's army in 1650. More survives than first appearances suggest - the best preserved side faces away from the road, above the river - making the ruin well worth a (free) visit, perhaps combined with a wander up nearby Traprain Law . The pleasant linear walk from Haddington to East Linton also passes by on the opposite river bank, with the castle easily visited properly by a short detour. Arrive late in the day to catch the best light for photos. [North range] Location & info 📌 Hailes Castle ★★★ By minor road

Walk: Haddington to East Linton - frolick along the Tyne

East Lothian | Haddington | Half day walk | ★★ [River Tyne near Hailes Castle] This occasionally muddy, riverside ramble in East Lothian links the attractive settlements of Haddington and East Linton. Much of the scenery is undramatic (though perfectly pleasant), but there are a wealth of historic attractions visited by the path along the River Tyne to add a little spice to the outing. A thriving 14th century church is soon followed by a 12th century ruined one - and that's before you've even left Haddington. Later on are a succession of old mills, some slowly falling apart and others converted into houses. Hailes Castle is a real surprise: a substantial, tumbledown residence towering over the opposite bank, which is easily visited by a short detour (included on the route map below). It was also nice to spot a good variety of ducks beyond the ubiquitous mallard - though the numerous goosanders we happened across didn't seem to like being photographed! [Hailes Ca